Paulius Čepulionis

Data Scientist at GeoPhy
As a data scientist at GeoPhy, Paulius is responsible for disrupting the real estate industry in the USA. His efforts focus on automating the valuation of real estate objects by ways of advanced algorithms which tap into thousands of unique data sources. In this AI-driven model, Python is key. From data analysis to quality assurance and from data modeling to predictive analysis, Python has been a long-trusted tool of Paulius. Apart from being a data scientist at GeoPhy, Paulius is a Master in Mathematics and currently studies for a PhD in Measurement Engineering at the Kaunas University of Technology.


Bhargav Srinivasa

Research Engineer at INRIA, France.

Bhargav works with the MODAL team at Inria, on building better statistical models for human computer interaction. He is a regular contributor to the python scientific computing society, and is a believer in all things open source. He is the maintainer of the python package pycobra and is finishing up writing a book on performing text analysis with python, and enjoys talking about how we can use python and artificial intelligence in our daily lives. When not at work or coding, he likes to read, listen to rock music, and drink IPAs.

text analysis

Darius Aliulis


Milda Glebauskaitė

Software Engineer at

Milda started her career with Python, working in couple Vilnius-based startups, moved to Scala, ended up with NodeJS.
​Interested in quality code, test-driven development, data analysis with Python and R.

At the end of the day, she loves to do kickboxing and is an owner of the cutest dog in office.

Dmitry Nazarov

Russia. Saint Petersburg
Web Developer
Dmitry Nazarov works for EXANTE ( in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is St. Petersburg Python User Group ( community organizer and PiterPy ( program committee member. He is also a strong believer in both Python & the modern web.

Petras Zdanavičius

- Python developer having more than 8 years of experience
- Professional Web developer
- Hobbyist game developer
- Regular PyCon LT speaker

gamedev webdev flamewars

Harald Armin Massa

Managing owner of 2ndQuadrant Deutschland GmbH

Harald studied computers and economics, he's self employed since 1999, doing software development in Python and focused on databases; He's a presenter and trainer and managing owner of 2ndQuadrant Deutschland since spring 2011.

He is also known as LightningTalkMan, the moderator who has the SuperPower to make your conference awesome.

Rokas Tamošiūnas

data scientist / mathematician / educologist


Three years experience as data scientist at Exacaster - big data predictive analytics technology company, partners with Cloudera; where I was responsible for retail and telco related R&D projects and had an opportunity to work extensively with spark, hadoop and python. Lifelong learner with problem-solving attitude; more than 20 data science related certificates. Strong mathematical background; currently studying PhD in analytic number theory. Used to explain complicated concepts; experienced as teacher and lecturer. Passionate to automate repetitive tasks and use right tools for the job, experienced with test driven Python and Scala development.

data science mathematics educology big data


For the last 15 years I was managing IT projects, building products and running startup companies. I had experience designing intranets, social networks and business management apps as well as experience in managing small teams (2-­7 people) of developers.

Skills & Expertise:
* Areas of interests: Data­ driven product design, data analytics, market research and analysis, A/B testing, user experience (UX), user testing, mockuping and prototyping;
* Software development skills: Python, JavaScript/NodeJs, React.js, Redux, HTML5/CSS3, PostCSS...

Martial Arts, Open Source, Crypto-currencies, Theology, Philosophy, Psychology.

Social activity:
From 2009 I'm organizer of Lithuanian BarCamp events and active member of Lithuanian startups community. In the past I was active OpenSource community member, one of Lithuanian OpenSource movement founders and president of association OpenSource for Lithuania (Atviras kodas Lietuvai). I'm also an instructor of WonHwaDo martial art.

I'm using Linux on desktop for more than 20 years and have Linux servers administration experience.

data analytics Python JavaScript/NodeJs React.js Redux HTML5/CSS3 PostCSS crypto-currencies martial-arts

Suryansh Tibarewala

Alexa calls me Suryansh. My current adventure involves working at exploring what impact voice interfaces are going to have on the travel industry.
I moved to Amsterdam a year back after my graduation, and have been travelling ever since. Love to connect with people from all over the world, and presenting I believe is the best way to connect.
Apart from this I love startups and the impact of technology, thus have been exploring voice industry for a while. 
I really feel the talk "Talking to Amazon Alexa using Python", will be very useful for the audience as this is an upcoming field and there is not a lot of knowledge gaps around it. Especially when someone's starting. I have given similar talks as part of knowledge sharing within my company as I am working in the voice team. I will also be giving talk about voice interfaces at Web2Day, France in June.

Hope to hear from you soon, and hopefully meet you.
conversational interface bots aws alexa

Nikolay Karelin

Belarus. Minsk
Lead Developer
Nikolay Karelin uses Python since 2007. He is currently working for CIB Software as Lead Developer of Deep Learning team and uses Python to implement AI-based solutions for advanced document processing tasks. Before joining CIB team, he worked on various positions in both academia and industry with main focus on numerical simulation and data processing. He holds Ph.D. degree in physics (optics).

Sebastian Neubauer

Senior Data Scientist at Blue Yonder GmbH

After my PhD in physics I realized in my first job as a Data Scientist at Blue Yonder, that it takes a lot more than just software and algorithms to deliver value to the customers.

That's when I dived into configuration management, application lifecycle and the design, development and operation of distributed systems in general. 

Rivo Laks

Rivo Laks is an experienced software developer and systems architect. Python, Django and React.js hacker. Currently Co-founder and Lead Engineer at Thorgate.

api django react

Darius Barušauskas

Data scientist at Oxipit

Darius is a winner of multiple data science competitions (

My working experience mostly involves credit risk modelling applying econometric and machine learning methods. Throughout the years I have gained expert knowledge of credit bureau systems and products, created and validated numerous statistical and machine learning models, including:

  1. Bankruptcy and default models for Lithuanian SMEs (most widely used in Lithuania);

  2. Generic credit risk models of individuals of Lithuania and Belarus;

  3. Multiple models for micro-financing institutions and P2P lending platforms;


Šarūnas Navickas

Data Engineer at TokenMill

Constantly challenging myself to exit comfort zone. This has lead into experimenting and working with various programming languages, programming paradigms and even roles. However, Python tends to be versatile language, thus it constantly finds it's place in my work and hobby environment.

Python Scala Clojure JVM Functional Programming Objective Programming Machine Learning Natural Language Processing

Pietro Battiston


Ex-almost-mathematician, I moved to economics just in time to not sound too cool, today I'm a researcher.

I started studying Python for fun, as an apparently harmless curiosity, but along the years it has become more and more difficult for me to keep it from intruding into my working life, and today I'm definitely addicted (and contagious).

Science Science Track Scientific Libraries (Numpy/Pandas/SciKit/...)

Angela Branaes

Angela is the Founder & CEO of Proximistyle.

Proximistyle is a RetailTech company that helps you find what you're looking for nearby, with the aim to transform shopping into an effortless and pleasant experience. It was built using a Python and React stack. Prior to Proximistyle, Angela spent several years developing financial software applications in Python for a systematic hedge fund. 

Angela has a Computing degree from Imperial College London. Last summer she gave a talk at EuroPython titled "Building a full-stack web application with Python, NPM, Webpack and React"

Web General Python 3 Python general Best Practice JavaScript Web Frameworks (AngularJS/ReactJS/...)

Andraz 'brodul' Brodnik

Full-stack Software Engineer and DevOps

Andraz has worked on multiple prototypes that included web technologies
and hardware. He has been a contractor as a Full-stack Engineer and
DevOps. Currently he is working as a consultant, coaching team leads in
local area, developing in Python and JavaScript and reworking
infrastructure to make the lives of business and developers easier.

In his free-time he is helping organizing tech events, drawing PCBs in
KiCAD and playing blues.

Python Django Pyramid Flask Elm ReactJs Electronics software delivery

Mike Müller

CEO at Python Academy CEO, Python Trainer, Serial PyCon Chair.

Mike Müller has been using Python as his primary programming language since 1999. He is a Python trainer and the CEO at Python Academy (

He teaches a wide variety of Python topics including "Introduction to Python", "Python for Scientists and Engineers", "Advanced Python" as well as "Optimization and Extensions of Python Programs".

He is the chairman of the Python Software Verband e.V., a PSF fellow, a PSF community service award holder, User Group co-founder. He chaired EuroSciPy 2008 and 2009, PyCon DE 2011 and 2012 as well as EuroPython 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Education Science Performance Jupyter/iPython Notebook Functional Programming